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Meghan Chrisholm Thursday, 24 July 2014 08:29 Congratulations to Meghan Chrisholm from Canada who successfully crossed from England to France in a... Read more
Gregg Bolsinger Tuesday, 22 July 2014 20:04 Congratulations to Gregg Bolsinger from the USA who has just completed his solo swim today, 22nd Jul... Read more
Leanne Markey Tuesday, 22 July 2014 11:42 Huge congratulations to Leanne Markey who completed her solo swim in a time of 13hrs and 42mins yest... Read more
Nasef Ahmed Monday, 21 July 2014 14:40 A huge congratulations to Nasef Ahmed from Egypt who completed his solo swim yesterday. He had an am... Read more
Sean Duffy Monday, 21 July 2014 14:33 The British swimmer Sean Duffy completed his solo swim yesterday in a brilliant time of 12hrs 36mins... Read more
Marisa Schubert Monday, 21 July 2014 09:14 Congratulations to Marisa Schubert who successfully completed her solo swim yesterday (20th July) in... Read more

The Channel Swimming Association


We believe we have the ultimate package for crossing the Channel

  • Over 80 years of Channel crossing experience
  • Our pilots have many years experience of the English Channel
  • We provide the swimmer with the most comprehensive information available for the best chance of success
  • This site is your first port of call, and we encourage you to visit often and think carefully about how you will go about your great adventure before committing yourself fully


The CSA Mission Statement

Our mission statement has changed very little since we were founded in 1927 - it has always been and continues to be the promotion of the sport of sea swimming, with the emphasis on assisting people in their attempt to swim the English Channel in safety. We are also particularly keen to promote the sport amongst the younger generation, particularly bringing into focus the safety factors when swimming in the sea. This we believe helps towards promoting safety on our beaches today and also builds the inner confidence of our younger swimmers.